General Informations

Start Level - 62
x10 - EXP/SP by Monsters
x1 - Adena
x1 - Drop (for all kind of materials.)
x1 - Raidbosses Drop

Enchant Informations

Safe Enchant +4
Max Enchant +65535
Max Enchant C Grade - +10
Max Enchant B Grade - +15
Max Enchant B Grade - +20
Max Enchant S Grade Armors - +25
Max Enchant S Grade Weapons - +65535 (after 25 it gives only Pve Dmg)

Blessed Enchant Chance - 96% (when it breaks,enchant goes -5)

Game Setup

Auto Pickup - Yes

Enabled Shift + Click - You can check droplist.

All skills are auto learn - Expect Custom Skills.

Subclass without quest - You can change from Lv 62.

Unlimited Buffs - Duration 2 hours

Vote System

Click on Banner Register the vote Take Reward
Vote Rune - +10% Pve Dmg / +2% P. Atk and M. Atk

Custom Level Rewards

Each Level - gives you 10% Pve Dmg / 2% M. Atk/P. Atk
Every 3 Levels - Rune Exp 10% (2 hours)
At Levels 75/80/85/90 - Can be used to Learn Custom Skills in Giran.

Premium Bonuses

x15 - EXP/SP by Monsters
+1% - 97% Total
Buff Duration - 4 Hours.

Farm Zones

Start Zone - Gludin Harbor - Dye Zone
B Grade Zone - Antharas Lair outside
A Grade Zone - Beast Farm
S Grade Zone - Brigand Stronghold

Completely List of Custom Items

Stage I - Start Items - C - Grade
Full Plate Armor
Plated Leather
Karmian Tunic
C - Grade Weapons
Silk Shirt
Graduation Cap
Holy Spirit's Cloak
Iron Bracelet
Cloth Belt
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Dryad
Stage II - B Grade Items
Blue Wolf
Doom Armor
Doom Armor
Black Ore Jewels
B - Grade Weapons
Thin Leather Shirt
Refined Romantic Chapeau - Fighter
Wizard Hat - Mage
Cloak of Zaken
Bronze Bracelet
Leather Belt
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Pegasus
Stage III - A Grade Items
Tallum Armor
Dark Crystal Robe
Majestic Armor
Phantom Jewels
A - Grade Weapons
Scale Shirt
Varka Karm - Fighter
Varka Karm - Mage
Cloak of Freya
Steel Bracelet
Iron Belt
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Guangong
Stage IV - S Grade Items
Imperial Crusader Armor
Draconic Leather Armor
Major Arcana Robe
Tateossian Jewels
S - Grade Weapons
Mithril Shirt
Chic Silver Horn Cap - Fighter
Chic Gold Horn Cap - Mage
Cloak of Frintezza
Mithril Bracelet
Mithril Belt
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Lakinos

Raidbosses Map

Antharas Lair Raidbosses Respawn 1 - 3 Hours.
Beast Farm Raidbosses Respawn 1 - 3 Hours.
Brigand Stronghold Raidbosses Respawn 10 - 20 Hours.


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