RULES & Terms and conditions

Respect the admins and follow his instructions if necessary. Admin is the main authority on the server! Any excesses and vulgar insinuations and attacks against GM or the admin account will be punished Ban and without remission!

1. It is forbidden to: SPAM global chat, chat and forum - Writing with CAPS
2. It is prohibited to sell characters or items for real money to other players.
3. It is prohibited to collect any fees in any form for access, or for killing mobs, or entering instances and locations.
4. It is prohibited to use bugs. If you find a bug, you must write it to the discord. For not reporting bugs and using it you will get banned.
5. It is forbidden to use any BOT on the server. The server monitors this and if it finds that the player wants to connect to the server with bot it will automatically ban the account. In this case youre unlucky and your account will no longer be Unbanned.
6. Title character, clan, alliance, or pet and title above their head, then sign and crest on the shield must not contain racist or vulgar expressions, and none of these things listed may not include abbreviations or letters resembling or imitating GM. GM do not need your password, so it will never give out any GM!
7. It is prohibited to use programs that benefiting the game, then cheats, bots, and other sniffers.
8. ADMIN will not deal with stolen account, characters, and WH theft in cases where the players own fault (lack of security) caused a loss of personal data. Make complicated password and not share this data to anyone. Server and forms are password protected, all thefts accounts are the players fault. In any case, the culprit will be punished. Give rights in clan wisely you give individual stas to players.
9. Items, weapons, or armor that players will disappear due to server crash, or things that players leave the country when you restart the server, and they also disappear in no way recoverable. This also applies to stolen goods and returned back to the owners.
10. PK (Playerkiller) is a part of game.
11. It is forbidden to post links to other servers, Lineage, and non-site servers or quests or other things related to Lineage.
12. It is forbidden to write in discord or in chat games profanity, racist or fascist stuff. It is forbidden to insult other players. The player is obliged to follow the laws of Czech Republic. Profanity in PM GM are not solved, because players are able to block the PM.(/block nick)
13. Modification (editing) the client is not allowed. For proper operation, use a clean install of the game and our game patch / system. Other modifications or additions to the game can cause a crash or damage the server. If the screenshots sent GM to resolve any dispute will see GM game modification (color chat, colored enchants, etc.), the owner Screen punished for breaking the rules.
14. The third-parties, ie programs that are not in the client installation, including Walkers, Boots, Auto Skill Bar, AutoCrafter, etc. The Autoclicker programs or other attached / connected / running with the client, causing the behavior of other games, or providing an extension that is not in a standard installation of the game is illegal, so therefore grossly violates the rules of the game on our server, and these players will be punished.
15. All data stored on the site are the property of the operator server, so there is no entitlement to any refund of things in the game.
16. makes no guarantees regarding the operation of the service. The service may be at any time without prior notice partially suspended or withdrawn.
17. It is forbidden to cheat deceptive player in the game its name in the sale of the subject, with the player sells an entirely different subject - the scam.
18. It is strictly forbidden to seek out and exploit holes in the rules!

"Server" refers to your private Lineage 2 game server.
"Donate" refers to voluntary contributions made by players to support the server.
"CoinOfLuck" is the virtual currency used on the server to purchase in-game digital products.

CoinOfLuck can be purchased for 1 Euro. 1 Euro is equivalent to 1 CoinOfLuck.

Payment for CoinOfLuck is non-refundable. Once a transaction is completed, CoinOfLuck cannot be refunded or converted back to money.

Digital products purchased in the donate shop using CoinOfLuck are immediately accessible after payment. After receiving a digital product, CoinOfLuck cannot be refunded.

The server is not responsible for any loss of CoinOfLuck caused by player error or technical issues.

The server reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Updated terms will be posted on the server's website.

These terms and conditions are valid from the moment of their publication until their amendment.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse! Playing on a server implies acceptance of these rules. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM, CONTACT ADMIN


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